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Laura Mc Coy Designs, Inc. (LMD) specializes in reproducing document wallpapers for museum houses and private clients.

Our hands-on knowledge of print techniques and period design lends an unprecedented accuracy to our client’s wallpapers which appear in such famous houses as Prestwould Plantation, Gore Place, Villa Louis and the Hermitage.

Wallpapers featured are from the Settlers House, Holland, MI.

For over two decades LMD has been combining the knowledge of accurate historic design with experience in wallpaper printing methods to provide our clientele in over three dozen museum houses with over 125 of the best researched, executed and reproduced document wallpapers available in the United States.

LMD possesses of an extensive archive of original period wallpapers, historic references and vintage artwork. This archive is used to facilitate our research services to guide the wallpaper choices of clients who have nothing but written or verbal evidence. If a client has only fragmentary evidence, LMD combines this evidence with historic research and knowledge of printing techniques to create a beautifully accurate whole. If the client has only period photographs, LMD creatively uses the most advanced technology to craft as accurate a reconstruction as possible.

The end result is not just a beautiful piece of artwork. LMD then works with the engravers and artists that create the required tools for printing (block, roller, screen or digital) to insure that the design retains the highest level of authenticity possible. Finally, LMD supervises the strike-off of the colors and delivers samples to the client for approval. After the approval is received from the client, the printer produces the required amount of paper for the job and it is shipped directly to the site for installation.

From the drawing board to the Drawing Room, from your dreams to the final beautiful reality, Laura Mc Coy Designs, Inc. is your ultimate source for the finest historic reproduction wallpapers for museums and private homes.

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